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At Life Coach for Success I make the initial contact easy.

A toll free number 08000831146 or normal rate 01484 665577 if you prefer

The call and subsequent calls are confidential and the content of your session is whatever you wish.

Consider this; it is possible, no-matter what it is you yearn to achieve, all you have to do is get it out there for it to become a reality.

We live in a throw away society! Well don’t we?

We all have appliances that are so cheap that if they brake down we replace them - throw the old ones away.

However there are many things that would be madness just to throw away, your car for one or your leaking roof.

I am not saying your life is equivalent to a leaky roof or a broken down car.

Nevertheless some people just throw away their lives just because they think they cannot be fixed.

Relationships, jobs, finances, skills, business are all part of our lives and can be put right by simply sharing what is going wide of the mark or even wrong. In the same way you would take your car to a mechanic or call in an expert to fix your roof you have an alternative to getting your life back on track.

A Life Coach.

Check out my FAQ and see how I have been asked 'Why can't I just speak with my friends or family'

Being Life coached does not mean you require fixing, it may mean that you need an independent practised coach who will listen, it isn’t therapy. Having someone you can speak to and strategise with makes all the difference.

This is putting yourself in a position to succeed, with an independent and non-judgmental life coach to help you move forward; to become all you could be. And also verify your choices.

A life coach has faith in what you realise you could become and together, plan for it to happen by negotiating round the usual stumbling blocks, looking ahead and help you to become aware that your aspiration ‘IS’ actually possible.

It does make sense:

Life Coaching voucher

Your FIRST Life Coaching session is ALWAYS FREE. Subsequent sessions are designed to fit your requirements.

Our Health is paramount to being happy and our wealth comes from being both healthy and happy.

Health comes in many forms as does wealth and happiness.

Each of these areas below are valid in any category:

Relationships and love, material things, work, time etc.

Where does your money go?

Get that list started and SEE! What it is you are spending that you needn’t.

Being sensible is how millionaires do it.

The pursuit of happiness is one of the greatest and widely sought subjects.

We mostly sabotage our own happiness because we feel guilty when we are truly happy.

Happiness can therefore be the lack of guilt!

If it feels right and it harms no others then live it. You are free to be whatever you wish to be regardless of what others think.

For good health there are 3 major areas one should monitor:

1    Sleep

An average of 8 Hrs.

2    Food

Little and often

3    Exercise

Enough to break a sweat

These are the bare minimum.

If your health is not at a premium try altering one or all of the above.

Always eat what you can ‘identify’ and eat LESS processed / pre-packaged food.