The GENERAL terms ‘Life Coaching’ and ‘Professional Life Strategists’ are one and the same thing.

Those who seek a life coach have goals that involve one or more of the above categories, even if you cannot pigeon-hole your need a Life Coach will be able to help; although it isn’t the case where one ‘has’ to be pigeon-holed.

Life isn’t as complex as we sometimes think, there are ways to analyse goal(s) then aim to complete the respective sections one at a time. After analysing the goal(s) set a time scale for each respective section and work toward a realistic time scale thus eliminating a major part of any frustration that might have otherwise occurred by lack of planning.

A Life Coach is someone who has experience in dealing with change, a person who has personally taken steps to make positive changes in their own lives.  

The process of becoming a life Coach is not simply attending a weekend course and ‘Voila!’. It takes time and skill and a well tuned ear.

Contacting a Life Coach is FREE, you may confirm in the first contact that your needs can be met. No matter how embarrassing or awkward the subject. Feel comfortable in the initial conversation and don’t come away confused by jargon or complicated techniques, but with a positive outlook for your future.

Phil Dawson L.C.H. Dip (08000831146)