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How long does coaching last?

The process length is entirely in your control. You can tell us how much or how little coaching you require. We never recommend how many sessions you require, however the process does have an end point. Initially you reserve a number of sessions and we proceed with our sessions. All unused sessions are refunded at the same rate you paid.

How long are sessions?

Session times are flexible, to fit in with your life style.

If you take the PLATINUM level there are four hours of life coaching, you can choose between Eight*30 min's Twelve*20 Min's or Four one hour sessions.

If I lack confidence, surely I will find the process difficult!

The approach to your requests, inherently provide you with the confidence you require to achieve results. If your confidence levels are low in certain areas we can provide techniques that will enhance your confidence and if you require being more confident generally, we can address this when you are ready to deal with your confidence levels. To confide in someone you do not know can either be easy or hard, I endeavour to make it easy for you, your privacy will always be respected.

Why should I use a Life Coach? What is wrong with asking my friends or family?

If you require experience, objective views and enlightening discourse I cannot disagree with you if that is what your friends can provide. Everything we cover in life coaching sessions are creative and provide tools you can use to advance 'personally or in business'. Your friends and family may be too close and your aspirations may not be fully understood by them. The effect of life coaching can far outreach an ordinary conversation. The sessions structured to empower you to become whatever it is you wish to become.

Does it matter if I am from a different country?      Top

No. If you require I will make the call to you. You can contact (E-Mail) me giving your details. I call to many countries, Australia, USA, Cyprus, Malta, South Africa, Spain and of course my own country England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Is Life Coaching a therapy?                    Top

Yes! And No! Clarity of purpose is all-important when it comes to successful achievement. The clearer you are about all aspects of your goal the more successful you will be at achieving it.

Can I become a millionaire?             Top

Anything is possible! I personally know one billionaire who became such over about a month with just one idea. We are probably using the process he developed right now.

Are you asking did he seek assistance? Yes.

Did he have support? Yes.

There are methods, ideas, information, that are financial magnets. No one should overlook that even the simplest of ideas can be millionaire producers.

I am not in a position to pay the coaching fees all at once but would like to take advantage of the lower costs of multiple sessions.                                   Top

Book the sessions and pay for the sessions over time. The great thing about life coaching is, we work with ethical and moral people. For me to coach someone requires as much trust as the client requires from the life coach: it is a mutually beneficial relationship between coach and client.

Speak with me and we can come to an arrangement.

What qualifies you as a Life Coach?     Top

I am associated with and accredited by the ECI (European Coaching Institute) I have been life coaching for over a decade and in 2005 sought and gained an internationally recognised Diploma. The Life Coaching industry is not regulated by any government office. “The ECI is an independent Professional coaching body comprised of professional coaches and coaching organisations, with international focus working with European Standards and Ethics, to promote best practice and raise awareness.” ECI

What does coaching cost?       Top

Weighing up the benefits, surprisingly inexpensive. My cost are here for you to look at.

I.E. Taking Four 1 Hour hour sessions, once a fortnight spreads the cost.

Can I come to your offices?          Top

Yes, I do face to face in my office or in an environment that you are comfortable with. If I have to travel outside my county or incur costs, these will be agreed and included in the overall package. In the main sessions are conducted over the telephone or if you require over the Internet.

If you choose to use the telephone the call costs are free on my - free phone number 08000831146.

Do you have any TESTIMONIALS?          Top

In my experience and because of confidentiality I do not offer testimonials. I do however offer a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with my services I will refund your session fees. I have worked mostly with referrals in the past and I do not see this changing. Those that are referred know the referrer and are happy with their recommendation. For those who are not referred and are new and not sure I am happy to match your commitment and if we fail will refund your session fee.

Not many professions do this, Dr's don’t, Dentists don’t, psychologists don’t, NHS doesn't and neither does your pharmacist.

The KEY here is, your information and our sessions are PRIVATE - sacrosanct and important to me and is no one else's business. I cannot say fairer than that. If you wish to provide a testimonial it will boost my ego but I will not use it to TOUT other business.

How long does coaching last?

How long are sessions?

If I lack confidence will I find the process difficult!

Does it matter if I am from a different country?

Why should I use a life coach?

Is life coaching a therapy?

Can I become a millionaire?

Not in a position to pay the coaching fees all at once

What qualifies you as a life coach?

What does coaching cost?

Can I come to your office for sessions?

Do you have any TESTIMONIALS?