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Coaching tips for Business and life

               By HENRYK ZIENTEK Business Reporter

A former serviceman is embarking on a new campaign-as a life coach.

Phil Dawson, who lives at Honley, has set up Achievable Life. As a life coach, he helps individuals to take stock of their situation and make positive moves to improve themselves.

Said Mr. Dawson: "I have been involved in life coaching for more than 10 years and I have clients as far afield as Australia, South Africa, Cyprus and Malta. I work from home and deal with clients face-to-face or via the telephone."

Mr. Dawson served in both the Royal Navy and the Parachute Regiment - the latter including tours of duty in Northern Ireland. He also spent 17 years working in South Africa. And he believes his experiences in the armed forces and business abroad can be brought to bear on his present career. Mr. Dawson said: "Just as a sports coach helps an athlete improve their performance, a life coach can help individuals achieve their goals.

"They can lean on their life coach knowing that he or she is always there to support them and work with them - but never to Judge them.”

Mr. Dawson said life coaching could help people in a wide range of ways. 'In some cases, people called on a life coach to help bolster their self-confidence or improving their job prospects. Others wanted help to get better organised at work, improve efficiency or achieve a better work-life balance.’ Said Mr Dawson: "We live in a world where negativity is rife and people have entrenched values and ideas. Life coaches can help people be more positive about themselves. “Life coaches can help determine whether certain people are in the right Jobs - or whether they would be better suited to other roles in an organisation. “The clients set the goals they want to achieve and the life coach maps out a series of exercises and tasks to help them get there. Whatever the clients learn is to their advantage."