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Relationships. Spouse. Children.

If you are un-married, your parents and siblings, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends. Extended family would also fall into this category, but are far less important for this evaluation.


Personal development. Problem solving. Ideas. Inventions. Innovations.

The brain is the most exciting creation in the universe.

Are you feeding it?


Health. Exercise. Eating habits., weight. Dress. Grooming.

Your body is key to your success. You cannot do without it.

The poorer it is looked after, the more difficult it is to sustain the energy required to reach great goals. Do you have an exercise programme? Do you eat healthily? Smoke? Alcohol?


Money. Wealth accumulation. Lifestyle.

How much do you make and how much do you keep? Is your income continually growing? If your income stream stopped today, how long could you maintain your current lifestyle?


Job. Business. Hobby. Purpose. Mission. Vision. Where are you going? Are you doing what you were born to do? Do you love your job / business? Have you a plan to improve your position? Is your career going to allow you to reach your dreams?


Community. Environment. Giving. Voluntary service. Do you give back to society financially or in kind? Do you contribute to charitable work?  Are you taking care of your environment? Are you making a difference in your community?


Holiday. Time out. Rest. Restoration. Recuperation.

Rest and Restoration, when did you last go away and just do nothing? What are you doing to ensure that you have adequate rest and restoration throughout the year?

Creator. Relationship. Worship. Scripture. Meditation. Prayer. Faith.
Do you have a personal relationship with a creator? What are you doing to strengthen it? Do you know and understand your purpose? Are you thankful? Do you exercise faith or fear? Do you pray/meditate regularly?
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