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Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Wheel of Life.

After drawing your wheel or downloading the PDF  or JPG download.

Fig 1. Now, start from the top of the wheel and score yourself. Work in a clockwise direction, use a pencil in case of errors and place a dot relative to your score in the area under consideration.

A score of 10 would mean that you have completely achieved and you are totally satisfied with where you are. A score of 0 would imply that you have neglected that particular area totally.

Join all eight dots.Fig 2 (Red dots and Blue lines)

The steps that follow show how you should go about achieving a balanced life.

Calculate your average score by adding all eight scores and dividing the total by eight.

EG (5+6+7+4+4+7+2+3)/8 = 38/8 = 4.75.

Draw a circle in colour (fig 2 red circle) representing your average score.

The areas whose score falls below this average line are the areas that require your urgent attention.

Your first goal is to raise these scores to equal the average line.

Once you have successfully raised your low scores up to the average level, you are ready to take the next step towards living a balanced life.

Draw a circle to mark the score of your best performing area, Fig 3 (purple circle)

In the case of this example the score as a 7. All areas falling below this line must be raised in order to achieve balance. This you do by strengthening your areas for improvement in all areas that fall below the perfectly balanced wheel.